What is the benefit of buying a car through Auto Expert?

You’ll save time, money and hassles. We’ll handle the car build, negotiate the lowest price for you, and even handle DMV and loan paperwork.

Does it cost anything to use Auto Expert's service?

Auto Expert does not charge for auto locating or auto buying services.

If Auto Expert is a free service, what benefit does my credit union get from this service?

Auto dealers pay the credit union a referral fee. Participation in Auto Expert always makes a credit union stronger.

How quickly can Auto Expert locate a car?

Generally a car can be delivered within two working days. Compare that to the weeks you could spend at dealerships just searching for the right car.

Can Auto Expert negotiate a better price than I could on my own?

Absolutely. Auto Expert purchases 150 cars a month, so our dealership partners are happy to give us deep volume-discounts. On average, Auto Expert saves customers more than $1,900 on the purchase of a new vehicle.

Do I have to be a credit union Member to use Auto Expert?

No. However, since Auto Expert is a credit-union based service, most of our sales are to credit union Members.

How easy is it to purchase a car through Auto Expert?

Buying a car is as simple as these three steps.